French actress Cecile de France joins the Hollywood crowd With Hereafter

In Europe, actress Cecile de France is a family name subsequently to more than a decade of tough work on stage, screen and television.

At the present, thanks to Clint Eastwood, the 35-year-old is prepared to seduce American audiences. As she's not certain she's up to it.

The Belgian actress stated in a recent phone conversation from New York that she is experiencing like she felt 10 years back in France when she began her career.

There was so much of work and then she had to present herself, she had to discussed about herself, which wasn't so much fun. At the present in France everyone knows her and she feels very happy with that.

But it feels so much funny to set out once again in the U. S. It makes her to think that how madly she wanted to be a star in America.

Until now the France has been well known here just by those art house habitués who've noticed her French releases like L'Auberge Espagnole and Avenue Montaigne.