Stolen treasure sold by divers recovered by French Police

Approximately 25 years back a young Corsican and 2 friends exposed gold coins and medallions below the ocean at the time of diving for sea urchins close to the Mediterranean coast.

They enhanced there selves by selling off the treasure in the black market. On Wednesday, French police captured a major amount of the gold treasure.

When local authorities examined them regarding their freshly found wealth, the 3 friends maintained that they had this wealth since there birth. Specialist says that the gold treasure was almost certainly part of an old shipwreck and is a very significant historical finding. The coins are dating back to the 3rd century AD.

The French police stated out that the treasure is a marine cultural asset and owned by the state. The exceptional Roman coins overflowing the market bring up the doubt amongst collectors which ultimately led to an inquiry.

Felix Biancamaria, as one of the 3 friends make clear that how they spent the majority of the day diving for treasure and drinking champagne at night clubs in the evening time.