Palestinians Win Charity Football Match by 9-1 Beating Catholic Priests

On Tuesday, the priests were bitten by the Palestinian national football team in the charity match by 9-1 in Bethlehem.

The first half of the match played in the southern West Bank was fought well by the Catholic priests dressed in yellow and blue strip. Till the half time, they kept the home side to 0-0.

A number of people came to see the match at Bethlehem's Al-Khader stadium. It was decorated with Palestinian and Italian flags. Many of the children came dressed as Franciscan monks.

The second half came as a blow to them, as the red-shirted youngsters started scored goal after goal.

Father Ibrahim Faltas, an Egyptian-born Franciscan stated that there football was highly valued. The children loved football and that’s what kept them away from violence and the intifada. He added that sports are good means to reach peace.

Jibril Rajoub, Head of the Palestinian Football Federation also marked his presence at the event. He stimulated football in the occupied territories.

Pointing towards a recent Middle East synod summoned by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican to urge for an end to the Israeli occupation, Rajoub said that the Christian world is with them and the message has been delivered to the international community.