Samoa supported with Eye Operations

The routine and short Cataract surgery which is conducted to reconstruct the patient’s sight cannot be afforded by many Samoans.

Although the surgery type just takes a couple of minutes, the amount of eye surgeries in Samoa is low due to the fact that there is no ophthalmologist in Samoa.

The operation would be a short, little routine surgery in New Zealand but has dramatic effects on the patients. Dr Dirk Harder together with the Fred Hollows Foundation traveled to Samoa in order to conduct approximately 100 surgeries during his stay.

Although the traveling doctor states that the budget for the surgeries must be kept low and it can only be conducted in a simple environment, the results of the procedure are expected to be equally positive.

Samoans like grandmother Yulia, who has cataracts in both of her eyes and lost her vision, can look into a brighter future with help of the operation. T

The 68-year old lady said: "I know I'm not a perfect person and every day I cry out to Jesus that I want to see." The condition of Yulia has financially burdened her whole family.

After the woman regained her eye sight, she happily reports that she can now follow all daily activities again: "But I do have to be careful... in case I compromise the amazing work that has been done.”