Flesh-Eating Ants attacked Patient

The 76 year old man, Cornelius Lewis, was attacked by flesh-eating ants in the Gulf Coast Medical Center in Florida. The incident occurred in the medical institution after Lewis was recovering from heart-surgery. Underneath the bed sheets of his assigned hospital room the ants attacked over night. Medical staff discovered hundreds of ant bites on his legs and genitals, the next morning.

Although the patient is still located in the clinic, his son accuses the institution. He comments on the incident: “He was supposed to be monitored every 10 minutes. My mom was there, and they didn’t give her any information. They said, "Let’s just get him out of the room." And my father was so exhausted he didn’t have the ability to complain”.

The hospital responsible confesses that the ants attacked the patient but further controls revealed that it stayed with the one attack. Public relations director, Karen Krieder, underlines: "There are no reports of other patients being bitten by ants and Gulf Coast is the only hospital with an ant problem."

Anti-ant measures of pest control experts including an evacuation of the hospital unit of the attack and the use of sprays will keep the animals away from the patients.