Women above 60 Shell out More than Men for Auto Insurance

The difference between men and women drivers above the age of 60, paying for car insurance premium could be an eye-opener for female drivers regarding the amounts they have to pay. Consumer magazine, Which?, Has stated that a single woman above the age of 60 can end up paying £80 more, in contrast to men above the age of 60.

The difference among men and women is not because of their past history and in fact happen to have the same file details. However, the only reason for charging women has been stated to be because they are women.

The biggest difference between men and women for auto insurance quotes has been stated to be £80.85 by the insurance provider Admiral. While talking to Which?, A spokesperson for the magazine stated that they knew that there was a disparity in quotes between the genders. He stated the reason was because of the risk factors involved and not because they were biased.

While talking about the situation, an expert for the magazine, Dan Morre reported that in comparison to older women being charged more compared to older men, it needs to be pointed out that younger women are charged a lower premium as they are less likely to be a part of expensive crashes.

In contrast to admiral, the most female friendly insurer was found to be Privilige, with a difference of £4.20. Whereas, the insurer Swiftcover showed a disparity of £43.01, Churchill had a difference of £39.90 and More Than £18.01.