Virgin announces 100Mbps broadband service

Virgin Media has announced a broadband service offering speeds of up to 100Mbps, which is roughly 20 times faster than the current average speed of 5.2Mbps.

The 100Mbps-broadband service, which will be available in December, has been described by Prime Minister David Cameron as "exciting news".

Phil Smith, CEO of Cisco UK and Ireland, welcomed the development, saying it was great step forward. However Mr. Smith added that much more investment was required to make the country more competitive and connected.

Boasting of the new service, chief executive Neil Berkett said, "We have a better quality of product; we currently sell the Mercedes while the others offer Fords. 100Mbps will be the Ferrari of broadband."

The upcoming service will help the government to realize its aim to provide the country with the best broadband network in Europe by the year of 2015.

Britain currently is at 18th position in terms of worldwide broadband speeds; however, the 100Mbps service will definitely help it lift its ranking.

Virgin Media's hardware is capable of handling 400Mbps broadband speeds, though is currently is testing 200Mbps speeds.