FDA Rises Towards Unsanitary Conditions in Warehouses

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration is witnessed to have risen against unsanitary conditions of warehouses in the U. S.

The federal regulators have recently shut down the shutters of a food distributor in East Point as the warehouse was found to contain unsanitary conditions. The investigation found that the warehouse was infested with rodents.

"FDA investigators also observed structural defects, such as gaps under exterior doors, broken windows and a hole in an exterior wall serving as entryways for pests into the building", included the complaint. "In addition, the investigators documented the presence of numerous live birds flying in the facility and flying insects in the vicinity of the food", it added.

Besides, the warehouse was raided by the U. S. Marshal on Wednesday morning.

Following a court order called by the FDA, U. S. marshals today reportedly seized adulterated rice and other food packaged that were found to be contained in permeable packs. The seized material is claimed to account to over $700,000.

However, the FDA has not revealed as where the food was taken from the warehouse.

The Atlanta warehouse is managed by the Sun Hong Kai Holding Inc., doing business as United Food Service.