Halloween No More!

Modern culture in America is witnessed to have served as a podium for the failure of young children in the society in a grand way: Halloween.

American children marked Halloween as a night of the year when they had no inhibitions and had the right to dress similar to their favorite super heroes. Besides, they had the reign to eat as much candy as they want and parents had nothing to do but to show a lot of patience till their child gets back.

However, the saddest part is that it is not celebrated anymore. Adults across the country have fetched the best of their paranoia. They seem to be jittery over to aftermath of the night. With many children coming up with tooth aches because of devastating candies.

It is claimed that soon after the night, number of children reporting tooth aches mark a rise. Many feel a severe need of a doctor during the school.

Pagana, a dental health educator for the Palm Beach County Health Department said, "Next week I will be bombarded with calls from school nurses who have kids with toothaches".

As per an article from LiveScience published recently, researchers have probed over 100 cases involving candy contamination, posting that such claims were merely scripted as told by children themselves.