Health-Care Plans to Cost High on Employees

There is good news for some employees that most employers are not altering their health plans significantly in the next year as under the health care restructuring.

As per experts some employees will face major changes in their health coverage as their health-care premiums can surge to an average of 12.4% in 2011. Those working with the smaller employers could have to pay even more.

The open-enrollment season has started and now, the employers will decide about the changes to be made in health-insurance plans and the workers will pick benefits for the next year.

Aon Hewitt, human-resources-consulting firm doesn't expect many changes in the ongoing year, but there is a possibility of employees looking ahead to higher premiums, deductibles or co-payments in the nest year.

"The big changes don't really start until 2014. So, many employers are still taking a wait-and-see approach", said Mark Schmit of the Society of Human Resource Management.

But, health care costs in the next year could rise as much as 8.8% to $9,821 per worker from an average of $9,028 for big companies. There could be more increases for smaller Companies, as they have higher administration costs and health-care cost is spread over fewer employees. Businesses will shift the extra burden of health-care costs to the employees in 2011.

Those working with Companies in Florida are being enticed by the employers to sign up for high-deductible policies. Some Companies are substituting co-pays with co-insurance this year. Also, some Companies are charging fees or penalties to insure partner of an employee.