Gilmore MP Raises Concerns over Marriage of Siblings due to Unknown Genetic History

Gilmore MP Joanna Gash has viewed that children who are unaware of the identity of one or more parents possess the risk of being getting married with a sibling later in life.

On Monday, while delivering a speech to Federal Parliament, she said at least one of the couples in Gilmore electorate has the father from unknown sperm donor, so they are considered as half-siblings. She urged those affected with unintentional incest to contact her office.

Mrs. Gash said, "Some say that the occurrence of this kind of extraordinary situation is on the rise, with the increasing uptake of IVF technologies as well as changing attitudes within our society about children and marriage".

She told Mercury that she herself came in contact with a couple in her electorate, who were a half-brother and half-sister and they tied knot accidentally. She recommended for blood tests to alleviate the situation, as that way the background of the individuals would come to surface.

Mrs. Gash urged for allocating original birth certificates to all adopted children. She also showed concerns towards medical patients whose genetic history is difficult to assess due to their illnesses. She is planning to discuss the topic with Opposition health spokesman Peter Dutton.