Tasmanian Senator Leads Focus Group on Brain Tumours

Senator for Tasmania Catryna Bilyk was told in the year 2008 that she was suffering from two brain tumours. Though, five days later, after she had undergone a brain surgery, she was informed that the tumours were harmless and did not threaten her life.

Two years following the incidence that had left an indelible mark in the psyche of Senator Bilyk, she has decided to launch a new collaboration between Beyond Blue and the Brain Tumour Alliance Australia. The collaborative efforts of the two would focus on helping people suffering from brain tumors to be able to tackle the mental and emotional trauma sufferers go through.

While talking about brain tumours at the Parliament House in Canberra, Senator Bilyk said that mental health is the most affected in people suffering from brain tumours. She added that apart from affecting the victim, the friends and family of the ailing are also affected by the news of someone suffering from a brain tumour.

Senator Bilyk asserted that both mental health and brain tumours were very important to her. She added that an issue like mental health was important to her as she used to work with a psychiatrist and that she had previously suffered from two brain tumours.