China’s Internet Users Expresses Concerns about Superbug’s Emergence

With the announcement of three confirmed cases of drug-resistant NDM-1 bacteria in China by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the nation, the internet users in China expressed their concerns online regarding the strain of superbug.

The online survey was conducted by Sina. com. It brought out that 80.8% of the China’s internet users were extremely concerned about the appearance of the superbug, while 7.4% had no worries regarding the same and 11.8% of them were neutral.

When asked about the treatment for the NDM-1 bacteria, nearly 51% expressed that they had no surety that a drug for the bacteria will be developed, but 49% had confidence that an antibiotic to fight with the same will come up.

The undue use of antibiotics in China was held responsible for the emergence of NDM-1 by an internet user from Xi’an. He viewed that if antibiotics could not destroy bacteria then they make it stronger.

He Wen, a 25-year-old from Beijing said that for a populated country like China, the appearance of the superbug is indeed worth disturbing.

The traces of NDM-1 bacteria were discovered in two infants in Ningxia Province in Northwest China this March and an elderly man of Fujian Province in East China this May. Both the babies are in healthy state now, but the man died of lung cancer in June.

“The NDM-1 bacteria is only “super” in its resistance to antibiotics, but not “super-infectious”, said Xiao Yonghong, an expert in infectious diseases with the medical school of Zhejiang University.