Food Tampering On a Rise in Toronto

The two cases of food tampering reported recently have triggered the Toronto police to undertake measures to prevent it. The officials have issued a safety alert for the same.

However, the officials are in process of probing both the cases. It is claimed that the two cases which took place the preceding month are linked to the same No Frills store at 1020 Islington Ave. in Etobicoke.

Police have revealed that one case involved a customer who found a screw in a container of Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip. However, the second case involved a man who found sewing needle in the pack of ‘No Name Italian Style Vegetables’.

It is claimed that the food items were tampered from the distributor and was sold at an Etobicoke supermarket. However, there is no evidence to point that any employee had tampered the package food.

Both the products were purchased from the No Frills at 1020 Islington Ave. and Const. Wendy Drummond said they were delivered from the Oshawa warehouse.

However, no fatal injuries have been reported because of the tampering.

The officials have called on the customers to bring the tampered food item to attention of store staff in case they find one.