Milestone Manages to Give Motorola Fair Share of Smartphone Market

Motorola might be one of the first mobile phone manufacturers to make a name for itself in the market, but its popularity had definitely started to dwindle over the past few years, and no one could have believed that it would one day have a fair share of the smartphones sector as well, but the Milestone, marketed across the US as Droid, has managed to make that happened.

The American manufacturer's success started with the Dext, the company's first Android, and Milestone has just managed to take the whole success story miles further.

The hardware of the Milestone is much improved than any of Motorola's other offerings, and the casing is slimmer, although it is larger than the Dext. The full QWERTY keyboard can be, however, somewhat annoying for some users, as it feels a little cheaper and does not always offer the most comfortable typing experience.

The touchscreen, which is a 480x854 pixel, 3.7-inch marvel, is probably the best feature of the Milestone. It responds to even the lightest of touches, and is both crisp and bright.

The interface is the standard Android platform, much impressive, and enables users to drag and drop widgets onto the three home-screens. Also, shortcuts to applications can be employed.

Overall, the Milestone is a good device, well received everywhere and a good production by Motorola.