Research Answers Why Women Live Longer Than Men

A new research published in an article in the November issue of the magazine Scientific American has put forwarded reasons for why women have longer life in comparison to men.

The study was led by Professor Tom Kirkwood, a leading Gerontologist at the University of Newcastle. He gives evidence that the cells in the bodies of the males are genetically so developed that they cannot survive longer, as do the cells of females can.

He associated a theory called "disposable soma" with the shorter life of men as compared to women. As per this theory, the genes can live forever by being transmitted on to successive generations, but body or `soma' is mortal, which need continuous repairing like a car, as with the time flaws occur within the cells and tissues. The mortality depends on the body's ability to rectify the faults.

Kirkwood expressed that the body of a female is vital due to her reproductive abilities and as she has to develop an infant inside her womb. If her body receives harms, she won't be able to give birth to healthy offspring. On the other hand, the reproductive part played by men is not much influenced by continued good health.

The laboratory experiments carried out by Professor Kirkwood on animals showed that female species possessed better maintenance and repair systems, as compared to their male counterparts. This is the reason women live longer than men.