ISD Scotland Reveals Chlamydia Testing Statistics

Today, ISD Scotland brought out its ‘Key Clinical Indicators for Sexual Health: Population Based Indicators Report 2010: Chlamydia 2009, HIV Therapy 2009 data’, which revealed the chlamydia testing statistics.

As per the official statistics, the sexually transmitted infection (STI) mostly affected adults under the age of 25, which accounted a proportion of 72% in them. But, in 2009, those affected with chlamydia in the same age group stood at 48% in Scotland.

“This report shows that there is still work to be done to ensure that chlamydia testing is being targeted at those most at risk – most notably, young people under 25 “, said Shona Robison, Minister for Public Health.

She added that they had been working in collaboration with NHS boards to encourage safer sex, along with bringing down the cases of STIs and accidental pregnancies. She applauded that fact that HIV positive patents in Scotland were getting high levels of treatment and care.

Ms. Robison also expressed that HIV testing among amongst men having sex with men would also be boosted under the HIV Wake Up campaign. She said with increased prevention, diagnostic and treatment and care services, transmission of HIC could be dampened.

There would be development of the NHS QIS standards for HIV Services in Scotland under the HIV Action Plan, so as to ensure qualitative treatment and care.