Cancer Death Rate Falling but Liver and Skin Cancer Cases Rising

Though in Scotland deaths from cancer are falling, there has been a surge in those affected with skin and liver cancers, as per recent figures.

The official statistics published by Information Services Division (ISD) Scotland have revealed that the skin cancer cases have increased by two-thirds and the number of men affected by liver cancer has surged more than 50%. In women, the cancer rates has climbed 4% over the decade.

The increasing cancer rates, as per experts are due to the ageing population. During 2008, cancer affected 15,000 women and 13,800 men. Also, in the same year, the number of cancer cases reached 28,638 from 25,771 in 1998. The disease took life of 15,119 people in 2009.

In Scotland, cancer-related deaths have decreased by 9% in last ten years; the proportion in women is 6% and in men is 14%, thanks to improved diagnosis and treatment.

On Tuesday, the health campaigners called for action to spread awareness about the cancer and its risk factors, so that there can be less chances of getting affected with cancer.

The most commonly found cancer was lung cancer, which affected 2,462 men and 2,348 women in 2008. The cancer rates are rising among women, as they have started smoking more in comparison to the past.

The cases of malignant melanoma have also climbed up. The incidence of disease has risen 68% in men in past 10 years and in women by 71%. The cases of kidney cancer in women increased by 26%, while in men surged by
16% in the past decade. Breast cancer was found the common cancer among women.