Government Approves £600 Million to Improve Access to Cancer Drugs

The Government has announced that patients in the United Kingdom will be benefited from a £600 million financial aid, which has been approved to boost up the access to cancer drugs in the coming three years.

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley said cancer patients are already receiving additional treatments because of the interim fund of £50 million which was sanctioned in the month of October.

The decision has been taken to improve the meager record of cancer-related treatment in Britain as compared to other parts of Europe.

From April 2011, the first of three yearly £200 million fund will be granted for the program.

Mr. Lansley said, “This £200m a year funding over three years for cancer drugs is a crucial step forward in addressing the disparity in patients' access to cancer drugs in England compared to other countries”.

On the other hand, critics believe that fund is issued in order to destabilise NICE; they also fear that several drug-making Companies may increase the cost of the drugs.

The discounts to be offered to the manufacturers may be decided by conducting regional discussions.

There should be inducement to encourage the health service regions to cooperate with one another by sharing the assessment and findings of different drugs among themselves.