BT to double the number of apprenticeships this autumn

Keeping high levels of demand for fibre-optic broadband in mind, telecoms giant BT has decided to double the number of apprenticeships this autumn.

The broadband services provider has received around 24,000 applications for merely 221 places on this year’s scheme, enormously up from 9,000 applications in the previous year. The figure shows the successful candidates in IT, telecoms, electrical systems or customer service.

Considering its £2.5 billion fibre-optic broadband roll out and the whopping number of applications, BT said that it would offer an additional 200 places on the scheme.

Speaking on the topic, BT stated, "This second wave of recruitment will see [BT] Openreach recruit more than 200 further people by Christmas which … will be very welcome news in the current climate.”

Apprentices will pocket salaries in the range of £12,000 to £15,000. In addition, they will study for a BTEC or foundation degree.

BT has plans to offer fibre-optic broadband connections to 10 million households by 2012. By the end of 2010, 4 million households will already be equipped.

Earlier, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the government would invest £530 million to offer the best super-fast broadband services in Europe by 2015.