Virgin Media’s 100Mbps to be launched this week: David Cameron hints

Virgin Media gave a new dimension to advertising by making use of cheese in its ad campaign for super-fast broadband.

Broadband provider Virgin Media unveiled a 5m by 4m advertising billboard made entirely of cheese in Covent Garden. The billboard features fast running cartoon character Speedy Gonzales, which by many remembered as being "The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico".

Speedy Gonzales is the mascot for the company’s broadband as it is super-fast, like the company’s broadband.

Cable giant’s Virgin Media's campaign will also be accompanied by a new TV ad featuring the popular cartoon mouse Speedy Gonzales that will air this during X Factor starting this Saturday.

Commenting on the billboard, Ashley Stockwell from Virgin Media said,

"As the fastest broadband provider in all of the UK, delivering real-world speeds of 10Mb, 20Mb, 50Mb and soon, 100Mb, it's great to be teaming up with the fastest Looney Tunes character around.”

The cheesy billboard is created by famous food artist Prudence Staite. It took 110kg of cheese and eight days for Prudence Staite and his thirteen team members to create the billboard.