Difficulty in Finding the Prevalence of Steroids

A month ago, a case is said to have started which brought to focus the drug unit investigation. The police though had found steroids sometimes during the drug busts, it was seen that such cases were not highlighted in the recent past.

Drug unit Staff Sgt. Dale Ruzycki asserted that in the past five years they had not done a seizure of this size concerning steroids. The police have reportedly congested a thriving steroid business, involving the delivery of performance-enhancing drugs around town.

Having searched an Auburn Bay home and a 2006 Toyota 4Runner last week, the police is said to have found $91,000 in cash and anabolic steroids, comprising of vials, bottles and pills worth $20,000.

Ruzycki said that these steroids were available from Mexico, the United States as well as Eastern European countries. While it was really not illegal to posses steroids, but selling them was prohibited.

Also since steroid use is not done in public, therefore it was very difficult to know the prevalence, said Dr. Victor Lun, of the Sports Medicine Centre at the University of Calgary.

"What people need to realize is taking these things is not benign. If you look at most people who do take these things, the effects are generally reversible, if you stop taking the steroids”, said Dr. Victor Lun.