Plans to Dump Toxic Waste in Kemps Creek Dumped

People residing near Kemps Creek would be a relieved lot, as the plans of burying nuclear waste have been dumped by the government. The news regarding the government planning to move nuclear waste from the north shore to the Penrith site was first reported by The Sun Herald.

However, after the report was published, several residents from Fairfield suburbs got in touch with the Champion and voiced their resentment regarding the plans. Following, the string of complaints by the harried residents, Premier Kristina Keneally decided against the idea over the weekend.

MP Ninos Khoshaba from Smithfield has taken the credit for the decision by the Premier. He has stated that it was because of the efforts pitched in by him that Premier Keneally decided to rule out the plans.

While talking about the decision, MP Khoshaba stated that he bluntly told the Premier that he was offended by the idea of the Government to turn West Sydney into a nuclear dumping ground. Following the decision, Premier Keneally would be looking to transport the toxic waste to another state or overseas.

President of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Wade Burns, while talking about the decision stated that he was confident all along. He added that the idea of dumping waste in the Kemps Creek area was absurd, especially as there is so much desolate land in Australia.