Emergency Service Providers the Actual Sufferers

Despite paramedics being lifesavers and the people, who selflessly help the injured and the suffering at the first point of contact. It seems that though, they happen to offer noble services, yet at the same time they happen to be the cursed lot, as they happen to face a greater risk of developing depression, anxiety and stress.

The revelation regarding the paramedics being at a greater risk of depression and anxiety has come after a study conducted in Victoria found that 10% paramedics happen to suffer from depression. Apart from the ones suffering depression,
40% paramedics were found in the study to suffer from stress and 25% were suffering from anxiety.

The study was conducted at the Latrobe University in Melbourne by a PhD student, Mr. James Courtney. The research saw the participation of 350 paramedics from Melbourne, with 250 of them being men while the rest being women.

According to Mr. Courtney, the reason behind high stress levels could be because of the type of shifts that paramedics have to go through. Apart from the shifts and their timings paramedics were also burdened by life-saving or life-threatening decision in their day-to-day job. The length of the shifts and the experiences faced by paramedics’ everyday had been responsible for the high stress, anxiety and depression levels.