A Mathematical Formula by a Marathoner

‘Hitting the wall’, can now be avoided by the help of a simple mathematical model, which can calculate the exact amount of carbohydrate needed by a runner during a race.

When an athlete depletes his or her energy and is just left with one choice, which is to slow himself during the race, he is believed to have ‘hit the wall’.

A marathoner from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Benjamin Rapoport is said to have come up with this breakthrough formula, which is likely to help all the athletes from breaking down on racing day.

“Even the top 10 percent of runners need to do a little bit of carb loading. Otherwise they are going to hit the wall”, he said in a statement.

Since every individual is different therefore it becomes very important to give every individual runner, a personalized suggestion.

Rapoport is said to have claimed that he can tell the exact amount of fuel required by a runner, not only to run efficiently, but also at a target pace.

His study emphasizes on three factors, which are the VO2max, energy cost of running, and the gas tank.