Nestle Withdraws Candy Products Containing Undeclared Peanuts

The CBS reported on Monday that Nestle USA has decided to withdraw some candy products containing undeclared peanuts.

The report said that the recall involves Raisinets Fun Size bags which may cause allergic problems in the consumers.

As per a statement by Nestle, those products have been recalled which contain the production code of 02015748 and UPC number of 2800010255.

As per the statement issued by the Company, “People who have allergies or severe sensitivity to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products”.

Consumers who are sensitive to peanuts and who have bought the recalled item are requested to contact Nestle Consumer Services at 1-800-478-5670 for a full reimbursement. They are also advised to dispose of the remaining packages rather than returning it to the retailers.

Nestle told that it has told the U. S. Food and Drug Administration about the recall and is helping the agency in the investigation.

The tainted products were distributed only in the United States in stores like Target, Shop Rite, and Don Quixote and so far three complaints have been received regarding the recalled items.

As per PeanutAllergy. com, peanut allergy can cause severe reactions like hives and sometimes can even lead to death.