Aspirin can Improve Survival Chances in Men Suffering from Prostate Cancer

A study that was recently conducted has shed some light on how men can cheat death, if they are suffering from prostate cancer. It has indicated that those men who’s, prostate cancer has not spread beyond the gland are less likely to die, if they consume aspirin.

The report was presented at the yearly congregation of the American Society for Radiation Oncology. In the study, it was found that out of 5,000 participants, 2,000 participants of the study were consuming aspirin or another blood-thinning drug. It was found that those men, who were using aspirin, had 50% reduced chances of developing prostate cancer.

While talking about the study, the lead author, Dr. Kevin Choe from the University of Texas stated that patients, who use anticoagulant drugs, were found to benefit immensely from the use of the drugs. He added that a significant amount of men were at the reduced chances of death after consuming a blood-thinning drug regularly.

The researchers of the study also pointed out, that out of the drugs being used as blood-thinners, aspirin was found to be the most beneficial for all. Apart from the study, even prior experience by researchers around the world has related cancer and the blood clotting system on a few occasions.