Scottish Parents to Discover about Sex Offenders under a Pilot Scheme

A new scheme will be rolled out across part of Scotland on pilot basis this week, which would make parents able to know if their children are accessible to sex offenders.

The trial project will expand to Fife and Central Scotland tomorrow and will be implemented across Scotland in the coming months. To launch the scheme, an estimated amount of £360,000 will be incurred.

In Scotland, the violations of sex offenders increased to 110 in 2009-10 from 79 in 2008-09; experiencing a rise of one-third from the previous year.

The project remained a success in Tayside, where it lasted for 36 weeks and helped a registered sex offender returning to prison for violating conditions of bail. Also, positive feedback came from parents, carers and guardians.

“Scotland is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of its approach to the management of sex offenders, and we will continue to strengthen our approaches for dealing with them”, said Kenny MacAskill, Justice Secretary.

MacAskill added that the lessons learned from the pilot scheme would help making improvements in the processes and upgrading the disclosure scheme.

The introduction of scheme in Fife and Central Scotland has been welcomed by the police service in Scotland. The scheme is a good effort for child-protection.