‘Viral Video Campaign’, Unique way to Spread message

Some of the ad campaigns among the total 29 listed with the TIME are indeed humorous and some do possess the criteria of ‘the best among all’. A viral video campaign is a unique effort to spread the political message.

Talking about the “Old Spice Dan”, in which Isaiah Mustafa has been replaced with Vermont independent, Dan Freilich, who will make you crazy with his hilarious performance in the viral ad.

The latest one is the Joe Manchin’s “Dead Aim”, which is a TV ad. The actor, in a comic way marks a shot at the Democrats cap–and–trade bill, thus sarcasm to the Obama administration.

The viral video with a Halloween theme is Christine O’Donnell’s: Bewitching Debut”. In the starting of the ad, she says that she is not a witch, as many people call her. So, the add is an attempt to relieve of her accusations of having a wiccan past.

With the viral videos, politicians can deliver their message to a mass audience through the ads of various brands such as that of Old Spice, Coke and others.

Another ad in the viral video campaign inventory is Carly Fiorina’s “Demon Sheep”. She was once an influential person of industry at Hewlett-Packard. Even though her participation in advertisement created a mess, but still she managed to win the Republican primary.