Desalination Plant Project Announced in West Australia

The West Australian Government has decided to finally look into the growing needs of fresh water for the residents in the state. The Government has announced to setup a new water desalination plant in the West Pilbara region, to supply drinking water for the residents in the region.

The cabinet of West Australia has also decided to have a look into the expansion of the Yule Borefield in order to help in supplying water in the Hedland water scheme, currently underway in East Pilabara. The decision by the cabinet was taken, after it met in a meeting in the town of Karratha on Monday.

The time span for the setting up of the desalination plant has been announced to be three years by the premier of West Australia Colin Barnett.

While talking about the decision to setup the desalination plant, Premier Barret stated that the move would help in increasing the water supply by 6 billion liters a year. He added that the increase in water supply would help in the growth of places like Karratha, Dampier and Wickham.

The decision to implement a water desalination plant was also taken as seawater was the only source, which would not be affected by the climate and would be able to provide water for the time to come. The organization responsible for the development and the management of the new plant would be with West Australia’s Water Corporation.