Nurse Suspended for Turning off Life Support Machine of a Patient Unintentionally

On Monday, an agency nurse was suspended being found accused of switching off life support machine of a patient, as captured by a hidden camera.

Last year, Wiltshire-based Jamie Merrett, 37, who was suffering from tetraplegia was affected with brain damage after his nurse turned off his ventilator unintentionally at his home.

The nurse, Violetta Aylward was employed with nursing agency Ambition 24hours. She accidently switched off the machine and the video clipping was sent to the BBC. The camera was fixed to Merrett's room on his suggestion, as he was concerned about his care.

The video footage also showed that the nurse tried to save the life of the man with the help of resuscitation bag, which she used at the incorrect place; the action, which was rectified afterwards by paramedics. Merrett got paralyzed after a road accident in 2002.

The incidence has been criticized by the patient campaigners on the grounds of negligence towards care that throws light on lack of training and responsibility among nurses.

“The NHS has been warned repeatedly about ensuring the staff it hires, agency or otherwise, are suitably trained to look after their patients”, said Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association.

For the time being, Aylward has been suspended by the Nursing and Midwifery Council till the investigations against her bring confirmed results.