ISA technology is boon, but won’t be compulsory: David Borger

The Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) technology is a boon as it could save 35 NSW road deaths per year.

A trial of ISA technology found that 89 per cent of motorists slashed the amount of time they spent on speeding while the GPS speed warning device was installed in their vehicle.

The Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) tested the device on one hundred vehicles in the Illawarra region for a period of six-month ended March this year.

Commenting on the topic, Roads Minister David Borger said, "ISA helps drivers reduce their speed. It actually warns them when they're going above a speed limit in their local area.”

However, Mr. Borger added in Sydney that the state government would not make the device compulsory.

Unlike previous devices, the ISA devices make use of GPS technology linked to a map of all roads and its speed limit in the region. Previously, motorists hat to enter the speed limits manually.

Some people can't stand the annoying sound of the speed limit device, which is the key reason behind the government’s decision of not making the technology compulsory.