Cholera Outbreak in Haiti: Support by Francophone Community

A cholera outbreak in Haiti has caused more than 250 deaths and infected over three thousand Haitians while the country is still recovering from the earthquake catastrophe early this year. The epidemic broke out in the Artibonite region this week, and started with incidents of believed abdominal influenza.

In line with the new health threat to Haiti, all French Speaking nations of the world declared to additionally support the country with $1 million of charity money. Already after the earthquakes early this year, for example Canada has donated over $770 million.

Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister, states: ``The reconstruction will take time. But by sticking together we can help our Haitian friends rediscover hope, to help them reconstruct their villages and rebuild their lives. And I believe I speak for our organization (in saying) `Your friends in the Francophonie will never let you down.' ''

The money will be needed to stop the epidemic from infecting more and more Haitians and to improve the hygiene conditions in the country in order to prevent other disease outbreaks. Still millions of island inhabitants are homeless, forced to live in camps.

The number of new cholera infections already increased over the weekend, according to Foreign Minister Marie-Michele Rey.