iPhone vulnerable to hacking and information theft: John Lawler

Australian Crime Commission’s chief executive John Lawler has warned against the serious threats that are being posed by today’s high-tech devices such as Apple’s iPhone.

Speaking at the International Serious & Organised Crime 2010 event, Mr. Lawler warned that today’s trendy handsets were more vulnerable to hacking and information theft.

He added that virtual world and mobile technologies had provided crime gangs with boundless opportunities. He denounced the awe-inspiring craving for instant services at the cost of security safeguards.

Speaking on the issue, he said, “But aside from the potential to facilitate traditional crimes using these devices, for example, by spreading spam, there is a growing criminal movement targeting such devices directly.

According to Mr. Lawler, the iPhone, which is the third most used system in the business world, is more at risk.

It may be noted here that 70 per cent of Fortune 100 companies deploy or pilot the iPhone handsets.

Mr. Lawler said that crime gangs could easily infringe unprotected devices and plant viruses to steal lucrative information for fraud.