Plans to Use Kemps Creek as Dumping Ground for Radioactive Waste Cancelled

Documents from the state Government were found last week, revealing plans to bury 6,000 tonnes of radioactive waste at Kemps Creek, near Penrith in the west of Sydney. The waste would be dug up from the site of the former uranium smelter in Nelson Parade in Hunters Hill, a 3-block area which the Government was planning to sell $3 million per block.

However, the plans will not be pushing through due to opposition from the local community. Instead, the Land and Property Management Authority has been instructed to search for other dumping ground options. These may include interstate or overseas locations, said New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally.

Tanya Davies, who is a Liberal councillor and a candidate for Mulgoa, said that the Government had clearly not counted on the strength of locals’ opposition against the waste dump.

Of this opposition, Premier Keneally said: “Prue Guillaume has put forward a strong case on behalf of her local community against the transfer of this waste to Kemps Creek. Today I am ruling out the use of the Kemps Creek facility to store this waste.”

Prue Guillaume is a Councillor in Penrith, and is also likely to stand for Labor at the next election.