Most Doctors not Very Positive about Medical Reform

As per one of the biggest surveys conducted on medical reform, quite a handful of doctors in the United Kingdom believe that the NHS reform of the Government will improve patient care.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, on the other hand, is supporting the planned reform and believes that it will help in developing higher standards of health care.

According to the poll results mentioned in The Guardian, only 23% of doctors chimes with Mr. Lansley’s view on changes in health care reform.

Regarding patients, 40% think that changes will help in getting superior care, around 25% ‘disagree’, and about 15% ‘strongly disagree’ that amendments will improve care.

Anna Dixon, the King's Fund's Director of Policy, said, “This survey highlights significant scepticism among doctors about the … proposals and shows ministers have a lot of work to do to convince them that the reforms will improve patient care”.

The findings are important as the 500 GPs and 500 hospital doctors who were surveyed were selected for being representative, they were not chosen randomly as it happens in most other surveys.

GPs, who would benefit the most from the changes, were little more confused than hospital-based doctors.

Around 45% participants of the survey believed that the NHS would not be able to improve effectiveness of the policy while putting it into effect, whereas 22% were positive that the NHS would be able to tackle both in an efficient manner.