20,000 Scots on the streets of Edinburgh

Many thousands of Scots demonstrated in objection at Government expenditures slashes yesterday as Treasury axeman Danny Alexander skirmished to give good reason for them.

In excess of 20,000 united in a rally in Edinburgh to go up against the expenditure review declared by the Con Dem coalition on Wednesday.

Union leaders spread a word of caution that strike act on the cutting down of public facilities, that shall see Scotland drop approximately £3billion in the coming next four years.

Equal to 50,000 of the 500,000 public service jobs below the risk will be mislaid in Scotland and the similar figure might mount in the private sector.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress arranged for the gathering and general secretary Grahame Smith expressed that if members settle upon that the finest method is to undertake industrial act then they shall accomplish that. He didn’t express that as a menace, however as a reality. They wish to effort beneficially with employers however if they are not prepared to do that then associates will take step to defend their rights.