Pop-star Cheryl Cole may still be friends with ex-husband Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole, celebrity pop-star has not said ‘NO’ to her being friends with her ex-husband since she frankly spoke about the end of her marriage to star footballer Ashley Cole.

She told The Guardian that they have been officially divorced but there is still a possibility of them being friends again some day. Cole, 27, is also an X factor judge and said that she was embarrassed about the reports of her husband’s infidelity while she was the focus of media.

“I'm human. I'm still a person, you know. I know to a lot of people the headlines and the stories they read are like some sick entertainment or soap opera, but it's my life and I'm really dealing with it, and it's really happening. It's my real life. Of course I was embarrassed,” said Cole.

Cole is also a member of the Girls Aloud and is now planning to release her second solo album “Messy Little Raindrops” in the coming month. She was speaking about the encouragement she got from Simon Cowell, music mogul.