22nd annual Apple Fair displayed 30 varieties of apples

The 22nd annual Apple Fair at Orchard Park Mall was a source of temptation for Apple lovers.

A total of thirty different varieties of apples were displayed at the fair, which took place at Orchard Park Mall because renovation work is in progress at the long-established site for the event- the Laurel Packinghouse.

Samples displayed at the fair included some unreleased varieties, which are being developed by scientists of the Summerland-based Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre.

Meanwhile, a report from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has warned that Kent is on the verge of losing its Garden of England status due to the continuing disappearing of land under orchards.

According to the report, the UK lost 31 per cent of apple orchard land during the 10 years, while in the last 25 years over half of apple orchard land disappeared.

Commenting on the issue, CPRE stated, "The rate at which we have lost apple orchards is crazy. We have one of the best climates for growing apples yet we are importing most of the apples we eat."

Apple has been ranked as the UK's second most favourite fruit, behind banana.