Online assessment helps diagnose psychological illness

It is anticipated that a new online mental health self-assessment service will help doctors to accomplish more accurate identification for their patients.

The New South Wales Black Dog Institute have researched and found that sufferers of mental illness are possible to reveal more information about their condition online.

The institute has produced the mood assessment program, or MAP, which is currently available to GPs and psychologists all over Australia.

Patients can complete the review at home and doctors do not see the patients' answers, but receive an involuntarily generated report.

The institute's Professor Gordon Parker says that MAP is created on nearly a quarter of a century of the clinical skill.

He said that the MAP is exceptional. There is no such computerized program which offers such a thorough opinion of depressive illness.

It endows the practitioners with a variety of information about their patient as well as depressive subtype, likelihood of bipolar disorder, personality predisposition and social and environmental detail.

He assumes that MAP also alleviates the load on consultation time.