Have a baby, and a smarter brain!

A new study has claimed that motherhood in fact helps women grow their grey matter converse to the belief that women’s minds turn to pulp after giving birth.

Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland found that the brains of new mother’s immensity as they muddled through with the steep learning curve of dealing with a newborn.

The study also found that Mothers who has gushed the most about their babies confirmed the greatest growth in key parts of the brain.

The researchers inspected the brains of 19 women, out of them 10 gave birth to boys and nine delivered girls. A relationship of images taken two to four weeks and three to four months after the women gave birth is evidence for that grey matter volume enlarged by a small but considerable amount in different parts of the brain.

Generally such alters only occur after intense periods of learning or a brain injury or illness.

The researchers of journal Behavioral Neuroscience speculated that hormone levels and the need to manage with the challenges of a baby led to amplify in brain cells.