“The Social Network” actually depicts the birth of “Facebook”

In the film “The Social Network”, the two main central characters- Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in reality depict the coming up of the social networking site “Facebook”. It is also the main point of the legal dispute which engulfs them.

The twins have presently sued the Internet site and have claimed that they came up with the idea of “Facebook” when they were studying at Harvard University. They are 29 years old and are identical twins. They also reported that they are very happy with their depiction in the movie which is very close to their personalities in reality.

While speaking in an interview, Cameron said, “It does a great job of capturing the factual events of the 18 months of the founding of Facebook. It is a true story. We were basically bystanders. We were hoping for the best. And we were relieved when we saw the movie.”

The twins also made their mark by participating in the two-man boat rowing competition at Beijin Olympics which they finished at sixth place but that did not make them famous. The latest movie, however, has definitely brought them under the spotlight.