Angry Birds plush toys may hit stores by Christmas

Rovio’s popular game Angry Birds is moving to full spectrum media dominance as reports are emerging that Angry Birds plush toys are on their ay to hit store shelves by Christmas.

The Angry Birds toys haven’t got a release date, but Christmas is believed to be best time for their release. Rovio has published pictures of the five main bird varieties, viz. the basic-yet-tough Red, exploding Black, cluster bombing Blue, speedy Yellow, and egg-dropping White. Earlier, the popular game characters were said to emerge in a film or a as TV cartoon.

The popular game features forty-five levels, along with new elements, graphics and sounds.

Apple App Store is offering the Halloween version of the game exclusively for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99 cents, while an HD iPad version can be had for $1.99.

Earlier, Redwood City-based publisher Electronics Arts confirmed that it acquired Chillingo, the published which made Angry Birds a success on the iPhone.