7/7 London station bomb blast survivor testifies before court

Last week Micheal Henning, who was Insurance Broker, a survivor from 7/7 London stations bomb blast testified in the court. He was 10 feet away from Shehzad Tanweer, who blew himself at Aldgate Station. 7 people were killed and many people were severely injured at the time.

He gave the horrific account of the incident saying that he will never forget the anguish and the pain suffered by the people, who suffered severe injuries. He was testifying in the inquests, ordered by the court into the 52 deaths at the bombings in the London on 7/7.

He further condemned the system followed for rescuing the victims saying that if the standard rules were not followed by the authorities; many more valuable lives would have been saved. He praised the heroism of the rescuers, but said that they were severely hampered by the rules and regulations of the drill.

He further added that he will never forget the screams of anguish from the people who were dying.

Some severely injured people were in lot of agony, as there were no trained medical people, who would have helped them. Had they got emergency medical help, many people would have survived.