Bruce Willis Talks about His Movie RED

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis might have played someone who has retired in the movie ‘RED’, but in real life he is in no mood to retire from films.

He said, “It's a little bit of a stretch. It would be like if I were trying to play a 40-year-old in my 20s and then trying to play a 60-year-old in my 50s. It a novelty item”.

The 55-yer-old actor of who is known for his outstanding performance in Die Hard will be showing his acting skills along with other actors like Richard Dreyfuss, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Dame Helen Mirren.

The movie is all about a group of CIA agents who will retire from the profession. He highly praised the British actress Dame for her stunts that she did in the movie.

He described the actress as Helen Mirren in a cocktail dress on a 50 calibre machine gun, full auto. Rock'n'roll!

RED stands for ‘retired: extremely dangerous’ and is full of adventures of a gang of ex-CIA agents who have decided to come out of retirement after their lives are under threat due to some government conspiracy. There are also high hopes for the comic book adaptation of this movie.