Couple Tagging along Baby for Drug Deals Busted

Drug peddling raised its ugly head yet again in Okanagan, with a baby this time, after a young couple was arrested for the sale of narcotics. The baby reportedly was present in the car when cops had swooped down on the couple.

The two people in question are a 25 year old man and a 22 year old woman, who were nabbed by the police officials at a parking space in Penticton. Following the arrest of the couple, the police, while searching the home of the couple in Olalla found 14grams of coke.

While talking about the incident, Const. Tim Anderson from the local RCMP expressed that he was left in a state of shock, when he discovered the nine-month old child in the car, along with the couple. The RCMP has question, whether the couple were aware of the risks the child was facing because of the lifestyle opted by the couple.

A grandparent of the child has been granted the custody of the child for the time being, even though the couple was released as their charges were still pending and had not yet been framed. The RCMP has also informed the ministry of children and family development regarding the incident.