Heart and Stroke Foundation CPR Guidelines Second AHA’s Decision

It seems that the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has followed the lead of the American Heart Association. The foundation has decided to jump the ABC of CPR and has advised people performing CPR on a cardiac patient to follow with fast and firm chest compressions.

According to the guidelines issued by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, it has been suggested that anyone helping a person, should ask bystanders to call 911 immediately. Following, which the victim should be, administered chest compressions, with quick and firm repetitions.

Prior to the new guidelines that have been issued earlier this week on Monday, the foundation had earlier suggested people to observe, whether the victim was breathing normally. Following which artificial respiration should be performed on the sufferer.

However, the new guidelines have been made after observing that earlier procedures were time consuming. It has been advised that if a person is not responsive and is respiring abruptly, CPR compressions should be immediately performed on the victim.

The Chair of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Dr. Andrew Travers, while talking about the new guidelines has stated that the guidelines have not been completely changed. It is just that the order of steps has been altered from A-B-C to C-A-B, which means the first step should be to administer compression followed by airway check and breathing.

The issuance of the new protocols has been done to encourage more people to perform CPR on a person suffering a cardiac arrest. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada would be hoping that the new guidelines would result in more people helping someone suffering from a cardiac arrest.