Virus that Counters Cancer

A common virus that is known to create some disturbances in the human body has been found to be a possible cure for cancer. The virus in question is reovirus and is known to cause coughing and mild diarrhea.

It has been found to counter cancer cells in tumors, which can result in the halting of the growth of tumor. The virus is not known to cause serious illness in affected people and could be a possible answer for the long awaited cure for cancer.

The MD and interim-chief of Thoracic Medical Oncology, Deepa Subramaniam while commenting on the discovery has informed that the trial being conducted with the virus will be tested to ascertain whether the virus can treat some certain aspects of cancerous tumors. She added that the data regarding the initial findings of the study would be available shortly.

The cancers cell, which has been selected for the trial is known KRAS mutation, it is also referred as EGFR. Researchers feel that KRAS mutations are susceptible of contracting a virus.

They feel that by administering reovirus, cancer cells would multiply exponentially. The researchers feel that the drastic multiplication of the cells would lead the tumor to self explode and hence, destroy the cancer.