Study Shows Growth in Mother’s Brain After Childbirth

According to a novel research conducted recently, brains of new mothers tend to grow after giving birth to their offspring.

''Mothers may feel more forgetful regarding things which are not baby-related, considering all the demands and changes they experience in their life during the first few months postpartum”, said the lead researcher, Pilyoung Kim.

The study conducted by the Yale University School of Medicine outlined that the growth in the brains of new mothers is triggered by variations in the levels of certain hormones just after birth.

In addition, the research linked the expansion in areas of the brain with behavior and motivation power of the mother.

The study involved over 19 women. Brain scans of each were taken two to four weeks following the birth and again three to four months later. The brains scans were observed. Besides, each mother underwent an interview on the way they feel as a parent.

The findings posed by the research claimed that part of each mother's brain showed a significant difference in the growth in the first and the second brain scans. It found that significant structural variations were observed mainly in the prefrontal cortex, parietal lobes and the midbrain.