51% of British retail brands violate email good-practice guidelines

Fifty-one per cent of Britain’s top 100 retail brands violate email good-practice guidelines, a study carried out by research and ratings firm Spam Ratings revealed.

Spam Ratings monitored emails sent by top 100 retail brands over a period of six months, and found that more than half brands, like that of Arcadia Group, JD Sports, PC World and B&Q, sent large volumes of emails that users had not approved to receive.

As per the research firm, the average Internet user who signed up to Arcadia Group’s high street names, such as Perkins, Evans, Top man and Wallis, received 394 emails that were not explicitly asked for over the period of six months.

The report also said that 10 per cent of websites in the country spammed their customers, while 13 of the monitored 100 retailers directly breached good-practice guidelines by making users to receive third-party emails.

As per XLN Telecom’s estimates, 91 per cent of firms now make use of email marketing to correspond with customers and suppliers.

Commenting on the issue, Spam Ratings’ co-founder Andy Yates said, “Spam is a nasty and dangerous disease that has turned into an epidemic in the UK. Websites are the main cause and the main way the disease has spread.”

The Information Commissioner’s Office said that it is the responsibility of the retailers to make sure that proactive consent is obtained before sending out emails.